QA Engineer: see also Wizard, a magician!

Just a pic

This is not an image which has been created with my own idea, I only saw this during surfing through Facebook đŸ™‚ After that, I thought my first blog post would be better to be a post about understanding the role of the QA Engineer before going into deeper technical stuff.

The very first manner that everyone should understand is we QA Engineers, Project Managers, Business Analysts, Developers, Designers, Support Engineers, we all are one whole team. By getting together we deliver a quality product. If we all work together only, our clients will be happy.

Devs remember this! Yes, you are the people who write codes. And we QA Engineers do verify what you have built against the requirement. We do not want to break your code every time. We look in every aspect. If the requirement is to do UI testing, we have to do it. If the requirement is functional, we go through each and every micro information of the functionality. If it is performance, then we would be focussing on its performance. If you have missed something, we would inform you that in a professional way. It is called Defect tracking. So we together will deal with defects as a team.

QA People remember this! We are not there to break developers’ code somehow. NO. We are there to enhance the coded product with higher quality and prepare it for delivery. And always remember we are one team. If anything goes wrong, do not just jump and report the bug and inform it in a chat where your technical client too seated. Do some simple things first. Have a dry run. Let’s say you run the automated regression suite which has hundreds of test scripts run. Run the suite individually, if still fails, test it manually, try to figure out error messages, if it still fails, have a small chat with the developer, having understood the developer that it is bug, REPORT it in JIRA. Use your soft skills. We are recruited not only evaluated our technical skills, not only our degree but our communication skills, our presentations skills and etc. Use them guys.

The key skill that I believe that Software QA Engineer should have is communication. He/she should be an awesome team player. Otherwise how much technical and dedicated you are with your work, we can not go forward as a team, and even in your career. Do not try to report every missing punctuation mark in a web site through a JIRA ticket. TALK TO THEM. Don’t waste your time by typing steps to re-create for a micro bug which can handled in just a one second by a developer.

You have been recruited since you have awesome set of soft skills plus technical skills. Don’t make anyone regret for hiring you.

Finally we are a one team. If we go forward as a one team only we can win and at the EOD we will be paid.

Developers, we make your code better in quality. We are not enemies. QAs’ we don’t have to somehow break their codes. Just remember it and it will be super easy for us everyone to go forward as a team!



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